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Tea Time...
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5th-Apr-2012 08:20 am - Back to my old (other) journal!
I've decided to reorganize my online IDs and accounts and want to go back to my original/old LJ account, username = mew_ricle

Hooray for reorganization!! xD (yes, I am neatfreak and proud of it MMM)
22nd-Mar-2012 11:03 am - Wants List!

I am on a quest to complete my Pokemon collection! Can anybody help me with these? I am looking for the following plushies, MWT (ok if tag is a little damaged):


Japanese Pokedolls - (minky fabric)

  • Bulbasaur...............(10th Anniversary)
  • Squirtle...................(10th Anniversary)
  • Charmander............(10th Anniversary)
  • Chikorita.................(10th Anniversary)
  • Totodile..................(10th Anniversary)
  • Cyndaquil...............(10th Anniversary)
  • Shiny Suicune
  • Shiny Entei
  • Shiny Raikou
  • Magikarp

(pictures from minhimalism)

(picture from Google Search)

KutaKuta Pokemon Beanie Plush - (terry cloth fabric)

  • Sentret
  • Cleffa
  • Poliwhirl

(pictures from Google search)

Miscellaneous Other Plushies

Shiny Magikarp Plush


I am very willing to pay to purchase them! If anyone can help me out, it would be greatly appreciated!

I have not yet to purchase anything from the PKMNcollectors community (trying to limit what I collect but am having a hard time finding these guys :<) so I currently do not have any community feedback, but I do have a longstanding eBay account with 100% postive feedback:

21st-Sep-2009 08:07 pm - Long time no see update...
Many suns have set across the horizon since I last updated this journal, so now I think it is about time I updated it. So I haven't been doing much. Been doing pretty much the same things: working, paying bills, saving money, etc.

Update on my war with bedbugs: I am now free of bites! It has been a good month now since my last bite and I think my dad's 3-day fumigation marathon worked. Since the fumigation worked, it might suggest that I wasn't fighting bedbugs but something else (they say that fumigation doesn't kill bedbugs). Whatever it was, I am happy it is gone/dead. I have a suspicion of what it may have been. On the nights that I had been bitten, I immediately wake up and turn on the lights. I had found 3 "types" of spiders crawling around my bed. I say "types" because I am not sure if they were different species or different stages of maturity of the same species - in any case I think they were spiders or some sort of arachnid. After the fumigation marathon, I had no more bites. One day, my sister's boyfriend (Peter) said that he needed to check my sister's external hard drive to make sure it was working so he borrowed my computer. He is a computer-technical guy, so while he was using my computer he opened up the side panel and found a HUGE "nest" of thick spider web in my computer (my computer is under my desk, which is next to my bed). When he discovered this he told me that he thinks he found where the spiders were coming from. The webs were definitely thicker than other typical spider webs so he suggested this may have been their "pad." In any case, I have been bite-free since then. Hopefully they have moved out for good.

This past weekend I had gone to a Japanese video game store and bought myself a Japanese Pokemon Center Flareon pokedoll. My sister had already gotten me a Jolteon so I thought it needed a friend. I had been waiting to get this particular set of pokedolls since F.O.R.E.V.E.R. and every time I wait, I wait until they stop making it - which makes me wait longer for them to continue production of them again. I wasn't planning on buying them since they were always so expensive, but since my sister bought me Jolteon as a present, the collector in me says (as well as the Pokemon trainer in me says) "gotta catch 'em all"!!!! When I went to this store and bought Flareon, I asked if they had any others and they said that they no longer make them! OMGNOWAY!!~ Is it true??? *sigh* You know what they say...once burned they're fault, twice burned YOUR fault......

Maybe it's about time I just buy the entire set...what should I do?? :<
So it's a been a long while, I've never been as good about keeping journals updated really. There have been quite a few things that have happened lately. About time that I post, haha!

I recently got a new assignment at work. They have moved me to another facility and I have been working there for a little over 2 weeks now (it needs a LOT of work). Just basically a lot of cleaning up and reorganizing to make sure things are following standards and policy guidelines. It's been really stressful, getting use to going to a new location, new schedule, and getting to know the facility. *sigh*.....I got my first coldsore in less than 1 week while working at the facility LOL~ A sure sign that I am stressed, as always.

I also lately have come across a bugbite problem. At first I didn't know whether it was an allergic reaction or mosquitos, but since I have been getting them consistently every night that I am at home, all signs seem to point to bedbugs. I don't have any pictures of my bites, but after researching on Google images of bugbites, I believe I have bedbugs. Bedbugs bite linearly and my bites definitely have a linear-like pattern to it. And lately, I have come across "physical evidence" that bedbugs are residing in my room. I found lil black specks (not too many, but enough), which indicate bed bug poop. We have sprayed the room with Raid insect killer, but we have yet to use the bug fogger cans. It's been horrible trying to sleep. I come home and I feel I can't even relax in my own bed. *sigh* I haven't actually SEEN any bedbugs anywhere in my room, though I haven't been able to pry into every  nook and cranny to look for them. The reason I have come to the conclusion that it is bedbugs is that whenever I stay at my boyfriend's place, I don't get any new bites. When I went away this past weekend to Las Vegas, no new bug bites. But upon my return, 5 new bites. And it has been consistently 1-2 new bites since. Horrid lil fawkers. I don't know how I can get rid of them. Even if I get an exterminator to try to "fix" the problem, I'm afraid it won't cure it. My room is a lil cluttered, but the rest of the house is even worse and there is no way I can convince my parents to clean up their entire house....I'm afraid it won't stop the bites....that they'll just keep coming back.

So it has been a week since I have gone to the Pokemon tournament and I had been so busy since I came back, but I finally got time to updating. I traveled from L.A. to San Francisco and got my team all ready, but alas it was not meant to be. More than 300 people showed up and registered and so chances of being chosen via the horrible random drawing was diminishing. I didn't get picked, so I was bummed. I waited in line to get my shiny event Milotic and stayed a little to see the battles, but that was about it.

Anywho, someone from LJ had requested extra pictures of a marill plush that I have but I don't know how to send it via messages (there's no attach file option anywhere) so I'm just going to post it here. If you have any questions, lemee know ^_^

5th-May-2009 09:28 pm - Upcoming Pokemon Tournament
So I haven't been on LJ lately; the reason being that I am training EXTREMELY hard for the upcoming Pokemon Video Game Tournament (May 16 in San Francisco, CA). Knowing full well that there is a chance that I may not even be selected to be a participant in the tournament, I think I should still do my best.

Countless hours of researching Pokemon and playing around with team builds, so far I have a team that I "think" will work (in theory/on paper). I hope to have them all trained by the end of this week and then I'm going to test them out against other people to see. I better fine-tune my prediction ability...

Will update again soon! :D
19th-Apr-2009 06:56 pm - Lazy Weekend
So this weekend passed by quickly (as with every weekend). It doesn't seem to last as long as it should, and soon enough you see that it's Monday and now it's back to work.

But I would have to say that I was "productive". The Nintendo Pokemon Video Game Tournament is coming up soon, and I have been diligently trying to finish up the game so I can get into more the more hardcore breeding/training. The one that is in California will be held on May 16 in Fremont (kinda close to San Francisco). I plan on making it a mini-vacation and will drive up to see if I can get a spot in the competition. It's more retarded this time because if more than 127 participants join, then they will have a random drawing to decide who will actually participate *poo*

I even sent Nintendo an email asking why they would have a random drawing because it would be unfair for people who come from far away to join the tournament. They replied to me stating that if fewer than 127 people join, then everybody who entered will be admitted. But if more than 127 people join, then the random drawing will make it fair for everybody because everybody has the same chances of being selected. *sigh* I hope I will get in. I am giving myself a headache trying to think of the best double battle team build ~.~

*still gonna go........* LOL

<3 Pokemon
17th-Apr-2009 08:49 pm - Begin Anew
So I have been a part of the LiveJournal community for a while, but it has been a while since I have posted on it and so have decided it was time to change up the username and start anew. ^_^

Time for a new beginning! Let the sweet times roll~
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